by Saturday, July 11, 2015

If you asked me what I wanted to be when I was five I probably said a doctor. If you asked me what I wanted to be at 10 years old I would say an acrobat. If you asked me what I wanted to be at 15 I would probably say, oh a nurse, or a teacher. If you asked me What I wanted to be at age 20 I would say director of human resources at some big company.
Truth be told, that question was only fun when I was ten and under. After that, the thought of having to choose a ┬ácareer always frightened me. I mean how am I suppose to know what to specialize in for the rest of my life? How does a person decide that they want to be a teacher for the rest of their life? A nurse?….

I was never sure of what I wanted to major in at college. I can honestly say, I went through about 5 different majors before I settled (settled being key here) on a major that seemed the most me. Now that I am done with college I feel like that time was a blur.

I can remember one instance when I wanted to change my major to health care management. I was sitting down with the advisor for that department. He asked me what I wanted to  do when I graduate? I think I said something like taking a year off and doing missionary work, and then start working. lol, I was so clueless at the time. My intention at the time was that if I went abroad it would give me some perspective on life. The advisor said something to me that day that has stuck with me till this day.

He said, you don’t want to graduate and have to work at Macy’s for the rest of your life. If you chose this major that’s your future. Boy did that scare me. He made me pause for a second to really examine what I wanted to do for the first time. I never chose health care management as a major!

Not sure why I am sharing this but this is on my heart at the moment. Right now I am fasting – no meat, or social media for a week. I am using this time to really reflect on my life, and seek guidance from God because life is confusing and scary sometimes.

Do have a great week friends!


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  • Fenna
    July 16, 2015

    Totally understandable! What was your major afterall? I think the idea of FOR LIFE is very daunting and a lot of pressure. I wish our culture embraced “for a while”. How much easier is that?

  • Syahransyah
    July 12, 2015

    I want to be myself ..

  • idu
    July 11, 2015

    You are right, it is scary trying to decide on what you’ll do for the rest of your life at a very young age. Good news is it all falls into place at the end of the day. Good luck. http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/

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